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Rules and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 National Trust Urban Polaris. Those who have participated in past Polaris’ know what a unique and fun event it is however, as we all know, having fun also comes with responsibilities and we all want to ensure that post event conversation centres on its success! Registered participants will receive Final Details with information about the event rules, regulations and conditions closer to the event date (it will also be available for download). It will be important to read and examine these as each competitor will be required sign an acknowledgement to this effect on the morning of the event. In the meantime some rules and conditions appear below.

Canberra has a well-deserved reputation of being a cycle friendly city. It has good roads, a wide network of dedicated cycle paths and some wonderful fire trails and nature paths never far from the built urban environment. The ACT Government’s policy on safe cycling in the ACT can be found here: Bicycle Safety . It is vitally important for your own safety and that of other road users that you obey road rules and be focused on what is happening on the roads around you at all times. To add to your enjoyment, we recommend that you avoid busy main roads and follow cycle paths and backstreets as much as possible. You may also be riding in areas with large numbers of pedestrians, so please be aware of foot as well as vehicle traffic. Please remember that in any areas marked as Canberra Nature Park, there is no riding on tracks specifically assigned to walking only. Remember; be polite, sensible and thoughtful towards members of the public as you come across them.
Do not ride on tracks where signs indicate “No Cycling” (often marked by a bike with a cross through it).


  1. The Golden Rule. All competitors must report to the Event Centre on finishing the event or on abandoning the event, whether they have completed or not.
    • If you do have an accident or emergency out on the course, ring 000 for an Ambulance in the first instance and let them know where you are. Then ring the Event phone number on mobile 0422 413469 (Scott McAlister) to let us know!
    • If there is a small problem out on the course — eg. a stolen checkpoint — please call Course Director Tim McAlister on 0414 929883.

2. Team members must visit controls together, with their bikes (unless indicated otherwise for particular controls) and must finish together. If one team member is unable to continue then the unaffected member must not continue alone.

3. Most controls will be marshalled and anyone arriving without team mate, bike or equipment will not be allowed to clip the control and will be disqualified.

4. The use of public transport is permitted in this event. Canberra buses have introduced bike racks on most routes (only 2 per bus!).

5. The use of private vehicles or taxis is forbidden.

6. Individual Equipment. Each team member must have:

    • A bike in good repair
    • Australian Design Approved cycle helmet

7. Team Equipment. Each team must have:

    • A Map of the event area (this will be supplied)
    • First Aid Kit, with minimum contents: crepe bandage, plaster strip, 6 x painkillers (eg. Paracetamol), sterile dressing, safety pins, antiseptic
    • Money for local call or phone card or mobile phone
    • Whistle

8. Attached 'towing systems' are not allowed. Team members are able to assist by pushing team members using body contact but the use of pole/bungee, dog-lead style, or similar systems is not allowed.

9. Any action deemed against the spirit of the event may result in disqualification. The Event Director's decision is final.


Everyone wants to ensure that this event is conducted in a safe manner. Please be aware that if any rider is seen breaking any of these conditions or any other road rules then the event may be stopped immediately. Please follow these conditions to the letter and do not ruin the event for everyone else. Please familiarise yourself with these conditions:

  1. Riders must observe the provisions of the Australian Road Rules and ACT Road Transport Legislation
  2. Riders shall promptly comply with any Police direction given in accordance with Road Transport Legislation.
  3. Riders shall to take all reasonable measures to reduce obstruction to pedestrians or vehicles during the event.
  4. Riders shall keep to the left-hand-side of the carriageways at all times.
  5. Riders must obey traffic lights and comply with all Stop and Give Way signs.
  6. Riders must ride no more than two abreast on any road.
  7. Riders must wear an Australian Design Standard approved cycling helmet at all times.
  8. Riders must stop to render assistance to any other teams in trouble.
  9. Riders must ensure that they are in good physical health for the Urban Polaris and have reasonable cycling experience


The National Trusts of Australia (ACT) is covered by its own Public Liability insurance. Participants will need to consider their individual requirements and are responsible for their own, Personal Accident/Injury Insurance and Ambulance Cover.

Registered Australian cycling clubs offer various levels of insurance cover through their membership offerings. Entrants looking for insurance cover should investigate joining a cycling club and by doing so you will also be supporting the valuable work these clubs do for the community. If you are already a member of a cycling club you may have adequate cover so it would be worthwhile checking the terms and conditions of your membership. Further information can be obtained from the following organisations’ websites:

Pedal Power ACT – With around 6,000 members, Pedal Power ACT is the largest cycling organisation in the nation’s capital.

Cycling Australia - is the principal body for the sport of road, track and mountain bike (MTB) cycling in Australia.

Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) - Mountain Bike Australia is the peak body for mountain biking in Australia.